"Public safety must be our top priority in District E, as it is the foundation upon which all other aspects of our community are built. By working together to create a safe and secure environment, we can ensure that our neighborhoods thrive and our families are able to live, work, and play without fear."

Fred Flickinger

Let’s Stand Together

Priority Issues For District E

Prioritize Public Safety

Implementing more community policing programs and increasing police presence in high crime areas can help improve public safety.

Support Our First Responders

Providing adequate funding and resources to first responders can help support their efforts to keep District E safe and secure.

Enhance Flood Mitigation & Infrastructure Improvements

Investing in infrastructure improvements and implementing better drainage systems can enhance flood mitigation in District E.

Restore Fiscal Responsibility

Implementing more efficient budget management and reducing wasteful spending can help restore fiscal responsibility.

Fix & Maintain Our Streets

Regular maintenance and repair of roads and sidewalks can help fix and maintain the streets in District E.